Brilance Willow Glade a Roma

Brilliance of WillowGlade in Rome



Call Name: Roman-Noodle

Breed: Standard Poodles

Sex: Male

DOB: July 9th, 2020

Color: White

Weight: 42 lbs

Heights: 23″

Testing:  none currently – waiting for maturity

About #pwg_BrillianceOfRome

Roman is very funny. He believes he is the dog version of Lightning McQueen. Every Morning as he heads out the door you can all but hear him saying, “Speed! Speed! I am speed!” Then out he flies at top speeds circling the permitter of the yard. Making a quit pit stop, then back out he goes, it the home stretch, he has done it. He heads back in as the other dogs howl out his name. “ROMAN! ROMAN!” He is the victor, back inside he goes to claim his coveted…helping of foods.

As his name suggest, Roman is from Rome, Italy. He had to wait a few months right in the middle of a global pandemic to make it to his home in the USA and met a blonde headed little boy that was eagerly awaiting his arrival. His little boy is determined to make a successful hunting dog out of the Roman citizen. Roman is defiantly a favorite with all who meet him, we are excited to see how he will do in the 2022 Show Ring.

Check out his unique hashtag (#) on any web search for more pictures, video and information on him.