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nuvet plusNuVet Plus – Recommended by PWG

Your pets aren’t just animals, they’re a part of your family. Just as you want to take care of yourself with a healthy diet, you want your four-legged family members to be healthy too. With a poor diet, humans can sometimes lack certain vitamins and minerals, your pets may be having the same problem and can be lacking vitamins, minerals, and general nutrition in their diet as well.

NuVet Labs knows that a leading cause for pets is a lack of proper nutrition, so they created pet vitamins and supplements of the highest quality possible to make sure your dogs and cats are as healthy as can be! NuVet Labs cat and dog supplements are formulated to combat free radicals and offer immune system support. The FDA registered pet nutritional supplements are made from natural ingredients and provide necessary vitamins and minerals to either cats or dogs and are recommended to be taken daily.

What Vitamins, Minerals, and Ingredients are in NuVet Plus?

In NuVet Plus pet vitamins/supplements, there is 1000 IU of Vitamin A from Beta-Carotene, 50 IU of Vitamin E and 50 mg of Vitamin C. There is also 83mg of Phosphorous, 50 mg of Potassium, 10 mg of Zinc, 100 mg of Calcium and 75 mcg of Selenium.

The NuVet Plus supplements also contain natural ingredients like 17 different amino acids, shark cartilage, pine bark, chicken liver, and blue-green algae. So, what can these vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients do for your pets?

NuVet Plus creates strong immune system support and combats free radicals in your cats and dogs, which can, in turn, support your pets’ internal systems. This can help to support any cats or dogs suffering from kidney problems. NuVet Labs’ supplements can also help to manage diabetes in your animals or minimize inflammation and damage to your cats’ and dogs’ skin from flea bites by strengthening their immune system. NuVet Labs’ supplements are also great for cats and dogs to take after surgery as a strengthened immune system can help prevent infections from developing.

Why Trust Nuvet Labs?

nuvet k9NuVets’ supplements are reliable as NuVet Labs has been creating supplements since 1997 with the highest quality ingredients possible. NuVet Labs spent eight years researching, developing, and perfecting the NuVet Plus formula to ensure that the end product was better than regular vitamins. NuVet Plus is meant to provide a full-spectrum nutritional immune system support to boost your dogs’ and cats’ overall health and is the only supplement recommended by Poodles of willow Glade.

The NuVet Plus formula is made using the highest quality natural ingredients like 17 different amino acids to ensure your cats and dogs are well-taken care of. All of the natural ingredients are formulated in an FDA Registered facility using Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations. Ensure that your pets are not allergic to any of the supplements’ ingredients to avoid having a negative reaction.

Other Nuvet Labs Products

NuVet Labs has multiple products to benefit your cats and dogs, all formulated with natural ingredients. NuVet Plus alone comes in NuVet Plus Feline powder for cats, K-9 Wafers NuVet Plus, and NuVet Plus K-9 powder for dogs. All three formulas contain natural ingredients meant to boost cats’ and dogs’ immune systems and combat free radicals.

nujoint-plusNuVet Labs also has another supplement called Nujoint. This NuVet supplement comes in Nujoint DS K-9 wafers and Nujoint plus K9 wafers. Both Plus and DS K-9 are anti-inflammatories formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients.

They are meant to combat free radicals and offer hip and joint support to dogs, old or young. Nujoint DS stands for double strength and has increased amounts of active, natural ingredients like MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosamine, and Chondroitin. Nujoint is flavored with real chicken liver, so it is easy for dogs to digest.

Nuvet Labs’ product NuVet Plus is a cat, kitten, dog, and puppy vitamin, but Nujoint supplement dog/K-9 is only for dogs or puppies to support dog nutrition, specifically for their joints and hips. It is safe for young kittens and puppies to take NuVet Lab supplements once they are eating solid food and have been weaned from their mother as the ingredients are all-natural and safe. All of the supplements are meant to be taken daily.

However, the size of your cats and dogs will determine how much of the supplements they take. If you’re not sure what dose to give your pets, you can check on NuVet Labs website.

How to Order NuVet Plus

Ordering NuVet couldn’t be any easier as you can buy the supplements online and ship them straight to you. To make things even easier, NuVet Labs offers an AutoShip program. If you sign up for this program, you get an automatic refill that is customized for how many supplements your pet will have to take.

The best thing about the AutoShip program, other than the convenience, is that you will receive 15% off the NuVet Plus supplements and 10% off the Nujoint supplements. You can cancel the program at any time with no cost to you.

With the discount, NuVet Plus K-9 wafers and feline powder are $47.15 for one bottle of 90 wafers or servings while the regular price is $55.50. The NuVet Plus K-9 powder is a bit more at $49.65 with the AutoShip program discount and $60.50 without it for a bottle with 90 servings.

NuJoint Plus is also available on the AutoShip program and costs $49.99 for a bottle with 180 wafers, while without AutoShip, it costs $55.50.

Don’t forget that you’re paying for high quality, natural ingredients to boost your pet’s immune system and one bottle of NuVet Plus will last for six months of daily use if your pet is under 5 pounds, three months if your pet is over 5 pounds and a month and a half if your pet is over 100 pounds.

Order NuVet Labs’ supplements today if you want to help boost your pets’ immune system with reliable, natural ingredients!

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