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About us

Poodles Of Willow Glade is a family owned small breeding program. We believe in the integrity of our dogs’ well-being. We have seven acres with a small pond and creeks to discover. We have oak, pecan and cedar trees that grow throughout the many trails we have created to run and have adventures with the kids. We are a native family and believe in taking care of our animals and nature alike. Our dogs are family pets. Poodles of Willow Glade believe that the first step of happy healthy puppies is happy healthy parents.

We are a real family with real lives. We are not always photo ready. We are some times dirty and our hair in messy buns. So is our dogs, they are real dogs with real dogs lives. They don’t always look like they just stepped out of the grooming salon. But we are all fed well, taken care of and happy and that is what is most important.

Meet Our




Owner & Chaos Coordinator

Terri, aka Namanee (nä-mü-nē), is the poodle lady. She runs around getting everything that needs to be gotten. She is a Cherokee and comes from a family of cotton-pickers and sharecroppers. Namanee was a sub-teacher and a stay at home mom-grandma.



Owner & Maintenance

Tommy, aka Pappa, is the fix-it man. He was raised on a 80 acre farm by multi generational farmers. He is a Citizen Potawatomi tribal member and worked as an auto-mechanic for 40+ years before retiring. Pappa is also the main groomer of Willow Glade.



Owner & Media Manager

Tasha, aka mom, is the media-mind behind Poodles of Willow Glade. She is a stay at home mom of 4 and the daughter of Terri & Tommy. She is an avid coffee drinker and loves nothing better than an awesome flat iron and a bit of Moroccan oil.



Pinky is the fashionista and stylist behind Poodles Of Willow Glade or at least she thinks she is and we are NOT telling her otherwise.



BooBoo is the helper. He is always ready to supervise as Pappa fixes pens and feeds the dogs. BooBoo loves to take the dogs on walks full of adventure. We are not sure who is training who?!? Boo training the dogs or the dogs training Boo?!?



BearBear is the boss and if you don’t believe us just ask him. He loves to spend his time outside playing with the dogs and ordering them around. Not that they listen but he hasn’t noticed yet.

nei tech guy


Nei is the tech support that Poodles of Willow Glade leans on. Nei and Tasha are married and he is responsible for the building of


Our Mission

Our Mission here at PWG is to provide the best quality “fur-baby” Standard Poodles for loving families looking for that special furry puppy. We believe that the best way for us to ensure that, is to have happy and healthy parents. We believe in the complete well-being of our dogs.

Our goal is to ensure that our puppies are placed in a good and loving family home.


+1 (405) 412-2719