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Adventures of Ava



About #pwg_AdventuresOfAva

Who is AVA,  and why is she always on the run….Because she is Ava. It does not take long in her presences to realize she believes herself to be a great racer. In one of her many imaginary adventures she has a dream to one day race against Reas the Whippet who AKC named 2022 fast dog in America, that is okay, Ava intends on taking the world title. Oh Wait! She was going to join the Circus and be in the Guinness World Record for the most talented acrobatic dog ever. She trains daily by bouncing off almost the top of the 6 foot chainlink fence that keeps everyone protected inside the yard.

Ava also has dreams of being a pirate, but she does not like to get wet, or her paws dirty so she is working on a few ideas to make these dream a reality. But she thinks, being able to eat parrot every day would be the greatest joy ever. Oh, One day…The Places She Will Go!!

Check out her unique hashtag (#pwg_AdventuresOfAva) on any web search for more pictures, video and information on her.


Call Name: Ava

Breed: Standard Poodles

Sex: Female

DOB: January 8th, 2020

Color: White

Weight: 35 lbs

Heights: 23″

Testing:  Wisdom Panel – Cleared