Edelweiss A Shadow

aka Pumba



About #pwg_EdelweissAShadow

Edelweiss aka Pumba is so mystic. He moves with elegance and grace. When you see him you are in awe of his presence He knows he is king-kong of the farm…or as he likes to call it, his estates. He all the ladies fight over his attention to which he gives every lady a moment of his time, but giving #pwg_MissAmericaAmi extra time. Pumba and Ami traveled from Russia to New York then here to Poodles of Willow Glade together. If two dogs ever had true love for each other it is these two.

Pumba spends all his free time with #pwg_pappa working on the farm, going to town, checking on the puppies and of course making sure all his ladies remembers the rules about the birds.

1. Look, learn, but don’t chase or eat them…until #pwg_namanee cooks them. Then we will get our share.”

2. Peacock and Peahens bite leave them alone!”

3. We are gun dogs fight nature be ….. DON’T HUNT DOWN AND KILL BIRDS!

Pumba loves to run and show all the humans and dogs on the farm he is the fastest. But alway a gentleman.

Check out his unique hashtag (#pwg_EdelweissAShadow) on any web search for more pictures, video and information on him.


Call Name: Pumba, Pumba-Rumba, Poo

Breed: Standard Poodles

Sex: Male

DOB: December 2nd, 2019

Color: Black

Weight: 45 lbs

Heights: 25″

Testing:  Wisdom Panel – Cleared