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Poodle – The Water Dog

Many people love Poodles. They are very popular dogs in North America. Poodles were originally bred as a sport, but they have become so much more than that today. Poodles have become very dear to many people because they are very loyal, good with children, and excellent watchdogs. Poodles have even gained fame as service dogs.


Because of their loving and gentle demeanor, Poodles make ideal dogs for anyone who wants a small, friendly dog that is easy to groom and maintain. Poodles also are known to come in virtually all sizes, shapes, and coat colors. No matter if you want a Toy Poodle or a Miniature Poodle, you will notice a large selection of colors these doggies come in! While there are only a few solid-coloured Poodles around, the truly unique ones are all white with black markings.

McCoy 7 27 2020 1If you are thinking of getting a Poodle for a pet, then you might be interested in learning a little more about Poodles before bringing one home. There are actually six official colors of Poodles: Silver, Black, White, Chocolate, Tan, and Red. While every single color has its own meaning in German, they are commonly referred to as a ‘White German Shepherd’ or ‘Spitzenpud’. If you are not familiar with the terminology, then it simply refers to a dog that displays white markings on their chest, legs, and tail. Poodles with chocolate markings on their bodies may have been neutered.


Chocolate Poodles and tan poodles have different coloring patterns. A chocolate Poodle is likely to be a solid-colored dog with white markings on their chest and legs. If you are trying to decide whether you should get a chocolate or a tan Poodle puppy, then keep in mind that there is currently no cure for the human papillomavirus that affects Poodles. Poodles naturally shed.


For those of you who are looking for a purebred toy breed, then you should probably consider getting a parti poodle instead. Parti poodles, or parti pups as they are also known, are generally less aggressive than standard poodles and have less health problems. The downside to parti poodles is that they grow up to be much larger than their counterparts, up to 16 inches at times.


Poodles can make great companions, especially when the weather turns cold and you need to let outside dogs out in the yard. Poodles make great water dogs, being very adept at floating through water. Poodles also are good for hunting, as they are extremely alert at times. Poodles make great family dogs, as long as you properly train your poodle to be an obedient dog.


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